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Spinning Babies

What Is the “Spinning Babies®” Method?

Spinning Babies® offers a third perspective to the dichotomy in childbirth today. Technology or Nature doesn’t have to exclude one another. Rather than increase technology or medication to help childbirth, we activate the nature within the body by working with the body in new ways.

Explore activities with anatomy and physiology in a way that allows baby to release rather than “be delivered” by mechanical manipulation or force.

The assumption that birth is a passenger powered through the pelvis (The old 3Ps paradigm) reduces more creative, body-centered options and medication to increase contractions or force to make the baby come out seems just as reasonable as pushing a ball that is a little tight in a hoop.

Whereas with an approach for release, the birth of the baby can be as natural as the release of hormones. Self-care and specific body activities restore body balance and make room for the baby. Babies can put themselves into the best positions possible for childbirth – within the anatomical space available.

Techniques learned via the Three Principles can serve to:

  • Decrease the need for medical interventions

  • Decrease pain

  • Increase comfort

  • Allow baby to achieve a more ideal position

  • Support a spontaneous start and finish to labor

  • Allow your baby to move down easier with contractions

Prices for private Spinning babies class:$130.00

Group classes coming soon

Certified Spinning Babies Parent Educator
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