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About me

Doula Teresa San Luis Obisbo
My Philosophy

I am amazed at how perfect a women's body is for giving birth. How the minute a mom or partner meets there baby they instantly fall in love. If this did not happen our society would not be here in the same way.

I love to see how during birth a women's body produces hormones to help her deliver. Baby knows exactly what it needs to do. 

I feel like my job depends on educating parents how this happens. Mom does 1/2 the work and baby does 1/2 the work. The reason I became a spinning babies parent educator is the babies position matters. I like to train parents to help the baby get in the right position. This way mom and baby can work together, with their partners help. I love working with families and giving them the tools they will need for the birth process. Parents need to feel empowered and educated to make decisions that are right for them.

"Hiring Teresa was the best thing we did during our pregnancy"
Behrooz and Roshanak
My Story

My name is Teresa Gibson and I have been serving the birthing community around Los Angeles for the last 15 years. After attending over 100 births, I have learned that relaxation, education and babies position are key to to a successful and easier birth. I also believe that your support team will make a huge difference to your birth experience.

As a Doula I am passionate about learning as much as I can to support my clients. I am always taking new classes and learning new techniques to help my clients through the birth process.

My 4 children and 10 grandchildren have ended up in the beautiful Central Coast of California, I have decided it is time for me to join them and I am so excited. I can't wait to join the birth community here.

My Training

Community based doula

Cappa certified birth doula

Cappa certified postpartum doula

Cappa lactation educator training

Spinning babies parent educator

Hypnobabies trained doula

Acuprressure for birthing comfort and induction

Advanced Birth Techniques

Advanced Postpartun Techniques

New Born care specialist training

Sleep training(in process of certification)

"Teresa was invaluable. her extensive experience and knowledge was undeniable,as was her caring nature"
Lindsey P
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